Thursday, September 17, 2009

Government Climate Strategy

EIN News says, "Interior Launches Climate Strategy; New Council's Aim Is to Help Curb Warming. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar launched the Obama administration's first coordinated response to the impacts of climate change Monday, which he said would both monitor how global warming is altering the nation's landscape and help the country cope with those changes. (".
Notice the confusing aspects of the announcement. The first part says the council will help CURB global warming. The second part (Salazar) says the Interior Department will help the country COPE with global warming changes.
The Earth has experienced global warming and global cooling events for millennia. There is no evidence that man's (scientists like to use the word anthropogenic) activities have any significant effect on global warming.
Bottom line: Government has no business in involving itself in any futile attempt to control global warming or global cooling. Government has a responsibility to collect information and give advice to the public concerning effects of global warming, in the same manner that the weather service, now handles hurricanes, tornadoes, and other natural events.

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